How to Simplify Birthday Fun

When it comes time to celebrate your child’s birthday, you can find lots of advice about which child birthday party places to attend, how many kids to invite, how long the party should last, which favors to bring, and even how to put together a stellar cake in less than 30 minutes (ok, maybe not that). What might be a little harder to find is advice about what NOT to do.

No one tells you to make sure that the favors have exactly the same water gun in each bag because otherwise there will be Watergeddon at the party. No one warns you about the possibility that your child will cry because they didn’t get the present they wanted. And no one will tell you that you don’t actually need all of the bells and whistles when it comes to choosing child birthday party places and planning all the details of the big bash.

Until now. Here at iT’Z, we offer some pretty amazing kids birthday party packages, but we also know that the secret to a successful party, no matter which kids birthday party venues you choose, is simplicity. Read on to learn more about what not to do in order to enjoy a simpler, and more enjoyable, birthday bash.

Fancy Favors

Yes, it is considered good etiquette to give your guests a small token of your appreciation for coming to the party, no matter how amazing the kids birthday party venues you choose are. An afternoon of laser tag does not take the place of a thoughtful gift.

At the same time, you should not break the bank trotting out the fancy favors. That means, for example, putting down the mega-big Nerf gun and picking up the smaller water guns at the store. It means putting a few toys from the Dollar Store in a decorative bag (Which could also come from the Dollar Store).

It means making a couple dozen cookies and handing them out instead of buying the gourmet cupcakes from the bakery down the street. It could even mean having the children complete a craft during the party and sending it home with them as the favor.

If you want to give your guests meaningful and entertaining favors without breaking the bank, embrace simplicity. And if you do hold your next party at child birthday party places like iT’Z, make things even simpler by allowing the tokens and prizes they win at our attractions serve as their take-home favors.

Fancy Food

If having children has taught you anything, it should have taught you that the fancier the food, the more your kids will complain about it. PB&J or hot dogs will always win out over salmon fillet or the “spices” in your favorite chicken dish. That is why you should embrace simplicity when it comes to your child’s next birthday party. Embrace the pizza. Honor the PB&J. Bring out the cheese crackers. Fill that bowl with grapes. And don’t feel guilty for one minute. Chances are the kids will be praising your basic cuisine as the best meal they’ve had all week.

Here at iT’Z, buying one of our kids birthday party packages gives you access to our unlimited buffet. We specialize in food that kids and adults will love. That’s why we offer delicious pizza, hot pasta, and fresh salads. All you have to do is bring the cake. Food doesn’t get simpler, or more kid-friendly, than that, which is why we are one of the best kids birthday party venues around.

Fancy Fun

If you feel worried about being able to give your child a birthday party that they will remember fondly, don’t fret: Children actually need much less to have fun than you might imagine. In fact, going all out with their birthday bash might be too much, especially for sensitive or introverted kids. Your child might just want a little bit of time with their favorite people at one of the kids birthday party venues that offers them activities they will enjoy.

To that end, try to avoid the fancy fun when seeking out child birthday party places. For example, you could go to the water park with a few of your child’s best friends. Or, you could just take a trip to the local swimming pool. You could go rock climbing, or you could hit up the indoor rock climbing wall at iT’Z.  You could spend a small fortune on a paintball extravaganza, or simply hold your party at child birthday party places like iT’Z that offer laser tag. You might be surprised at how fun (and affordable) a few easy activities at kids birthday party venues are.

Fancy Presents

It can be fun to buy your child the biggest and best presents you can think of. Your child, of course, will also be happy to give you a list of the presents they would like to receive for their birthday. But your child’s presents are not what make the party great. In fact, you may find that skipping the presents during the party is the best way to go. After all, tears over presents that didn’t meet your child’s expectations, or comparisons among presents brought by the guests, is not a recipe for party success.

Instead, focus on buying your child gifts you can afford. And then give them their gifts away from the party. If you want your child to have something special to open at their party, find kids birthday party venues that give your child a gift as part of their kids birthday party packages.

For example, here at iT’Z, we offer all of our birthday guests of honor a special present to go along with our kids birthday party packages. Our gift will make them feel as special as they are, and free you up to quietly store the other gifts for opening at home. There aren’t many kids birthday party venues that so successfully make your child feel special and save you a little bit of social awkwardness at the same time.

The next time you have a birthday party for your child, embrace simplicity. Find kids birthday party venues, like iT’Z, that help you achieve this goal. By avoiding fancy favors, fancy food, fancy fun, and fancy presents, you can enjoy a party that is simply wonderful.

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iT’Z Family Food and Fun has three locations in the state of Texas - Euless, Pasadena, and Houston. Fun includes bowling, arcade, pizza buffet, rock climbing, bumper cars and more!

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